sábado, 9 de agosto de 2014


Which stands next to his friends and his family, if you can! Sometimes we live in another city and every mile of separation seems infinitely far away! 

Today, we all have a special reason to hug you! It's your birthday, party angels do in heaven! Friends want to party on earth! 

May God continue to bless and folding his days with new chances and opportunities for you to grow professional, Spiritually, emotionally and more. 

God establishes his dreams and plans and provide you the days of your life with health, peace and joy! Congratulations, the soul is happy, you deserve it! Musical and festive hugs! 

God set this day as well! This day being the desired and expected, he becomes the model for all the days of your life! God bless you! Kisses to all of us who had the privilege of you join our fellowship and our life story ... 

Congratulations to: Health, success without sacrifice, wisdom, wit, save save, only satisfaction .... all this ........

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