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1. Everything starts with a desire!
2. Prosperity is within you!
3. You have an infinite potential inside you!
4. You have unique gifts, talents and skills!
5. There is a world of possibilities before your eyes!
6. In order to prosper you must abandon your comfort zone!
7. Spend time visualizing the good things in the universe!
8. You are greater than you can imagine!
9. Give yourself a new chance!
10. Don' t allow other interfere with your mental attitude!

11. Remind yourself daily that you were born to prosper!
12. You were created with full capacity to win!
13. The key that opens the door to your dreams is hidden inside           yourself!
14. A deep, sincere and honest desire is the most valuable resource(matéria prima) that you can have or develop in order to reach your dreams!
15. Your prosperity condition reveals your deepest desires!
16. A lack (a falta) of desire to win results in failure! (fracasso)
17. Don' t wait for the world to come to you, you must go towards(ir ao encontro) your new world!
18. Go forth(vá ao encontro=saia) to meet your great opportunity!
19. Talent and potential not presented to the world are worth nothing!
20. Everething that you behold (contempla)around you is somebody' s materialized wish!

21. The day you desire success as much as you desire the air you breathe, then you will have success!
22. The laws of success are eternal, infallible and unchangeable!
23. There is no dishonor in facing difficulties and adversities!
24. Obstacles are a part of your journey to success!
25. Never accept your limitations as a permanent condition!
26. Believe in yourself and in your victory!
27. Your greatest challenge is to convince yourself that you will achieve (accomplish=realizar, alcançar) success!
28. The way you see yourself determines who you are!
29. The answers that you seek are inside of you!
30. Determine exactly what you want to achieve!

31. It' s difficult for the universe to transform vague ideas and thoughts into reality!
32. The more specific your objectives are, the faster you will achieve them!
33. You will never reach that wich you don' t desire!
34. You' ll never go beyond your own expectations!
35. Think, ponder(medite), dream about your ideals continually!
36. People endowed(dotadas) with initiative radiate optimism and trust wherever they go!
37. Be a problem solver, not a problem maker!
38. Leaders are focused on the solution, not on the problem!
39. Leaders focus on people, not on structures!
40. Nobody ever achieved something great alone!

41. Individuals with iniciative change the world!
42. You receive what you receive for doing what you do!
43. You determine your own value!
44. Do whatever is necessary to increase your internal value!
45. With a higher internal value, you' ll have the strength to do what you' ve never done before!
46. If you really want to prosper save part of what you earn!
47. Develop the habit of saving 10% of what you earn!
48. Everybody knows how to earn, few know how to save!
49. It' s never too late to start!
50. Successful people understand the difference between needs and desires!

51. Often ask yourself: Do I really need this?
52. The difference is not in the profession, but in the professional.
53. Be a professional with higher objectives, goals and dreams!
54. Decide to do that which you like and gives you pleasure!
55. Leaders love to do what they do!
56. Develop elevated, noble and edifying thoughts through reading!
57. Your daily attitude will determine your altitude in life!
58. Your positive thinking and enthusiasm will be the greatest tools for your accomplishments!(realizações)
59. A succeeful life is a matter(questão) of strategy, work and persistence!
60. Life is an eternal process of self-discovery!

61. Control your temper and don' t allow your temper to control you!
62. Everyone is born the same way: crying!
63. More important than what happens to you is how you react to what happens to you!
64. The skills that you admire in others were acquired and you can also acquire them!
65. You have the freedom to choose what you wish to be, do , have and become!
66. If you don' t decide for yourself, nobody will decide for you!
67. Don' t spend your life only preparing yourself and never carrying out what you wish!
68. More important than speed is knowing that you are going in the right direction!
69. A life of accomplishments and achievements is not exempt from risks! Uma vida de realizações e conquistas não é isenta de riscos!
70. To try is to run the risk of failure!

71. To live is to run the risk of dying!
72. Risks should be taken, for the greatest danger is to risk nothing at all!
73. A person who takes no risks does nthing and achieves nothing.
74. If you continue doing what you always did, you will continue getting the same results!
75. If you wish to reach different results, you need to do different things!
76. You will never know how far you can go until you try!
77. The greater the challenge, the greater the reward!
78. You make your own luck!
79. Small decisions make a big difference!
80. Behold(contemple) yourself in the mirror!

81. Don' t try to change others. Try to change yourself!
82. The power of changing others resides in first changing yourself!
83. There are three ways to teach succesfully: example, example and example!
84. Everything that you send out will return to you!
85. If you give love, love will return to you!
86. The noblest charecteritics of your personality are developed at home.
87. At home you develop the divine attributes of love, compassion and patience.
88. The home is a refuge against the evils, threats(ameaças) and dangers of the world!
89. Sow(semeie) good thoughts and reap(colha) good actions!
90. Sow good actions and reap good habits!

91. Sow good habits and reap a great character!
92. Sow a great character and reap a wonderful destiny!
93. You are not alone, you are a child of God!
94. Thank God for the blessings you have received!
95. Ask God for that which you desire to achieve!
96. You will only benefit from the divine power if you have the courage and humility to believe in it!
97. A successful person carries within the feeling of fulfilling a mission!
98. Any victory loses its value unless it' s used for an even greater purpose!
99. You will only achieve lasting success if your actions are driven by worthy and righteous principles! Você só alcançará sucesso duradouro se suas ações forem regidas por princípios dignos e retos!
100. Think big. Everything that you desire, you will achieve!

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